sc_logoStrategic Contact, Inc. is a recognized industry expert in contact center technology, operations, and organization. They offer a full portfolio of consulting services that encompasses contact center planning and implementation, technology assessment and strategy, business process optimization, organizational design, business cases to support change initiatives, project management, and change management. Based on customizable project frameworks and consultants with extensive experience, Strategic Contact ramps up quickly on client operations and provides a thorough assessments of their environments. They deliver practical advice and results-driven project outcomes that clients can embrace, own, and act on going forward. The results get noticed for providing meaningful value for organizations and their customers.

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Since 1985, GM Voices has emerged as the worldwide leader in professionally-recorded voice prompts, language localization, persona development and Voice Branding solutions for global contact centers. Recording from a state-of-the-art production facility, GM Voices works with professional voice actors in over 100 languages and dialects, helping companies establish a natural-sounding Voice Brand that improves the customer experience anywhere in the world. In-country translators and region-specific talent ensure an authentic sound for any market.

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cx act logo from teja_111714From the beginning in 1971, CX Act has been setting the standard for measurement and guidance to help clients improve customer service performance, customer value, and, overall, the “The Profit of Customer Experience™.” CX Act pioneered the science of quantifying and managing the customer experience and applying that knowledge to help clients realize bottom-line results.​

With that legacy, today CX Act continues to apply leading-edge strategic insight, research products, and customer interaction programs to measure customer experience, increase customer loyalty and improve the bottom line. There is profit locked in every interaction – profit that can be released through more efficient and effective customer experience management.

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ICR_logo_bigICR is a leading provider of IVR and Speech Recognition applications for the enterprise and medium sized operations. Our technical and business expertise has been developed over many years, during which we have worked with all the major IVR and Speech Recognition development environments. Client projects encompass voice user interface and complex integration solutions utilising standards-based technologies, such as VXML and Java and bespoke interfaces into our client’s systems.

ICR use their development and systems integration expertise to turn EIG designs into robust, enterprise scale deployments. This multi-disciplinary approach delivers efficient customer interactions which positively re-enforce EIG clients’ brands, and result in exceptionally high levels of automated call maturity.

The ICR team is headed by experienced project and programme managers, equipped with a structured methodology, designed specifically for delivering IVR and Speech Recognition applications. We couple this with a pragmatic, flexible and collaborative approach so our customers enjoy the best of both worlds.

ICR’s services also extend to providing robust hosted IVR and Speech Recognition applications and data systems which can be deployed rapidly for both tactical and strategic initiatives.

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re_logo06aShadow Prompt Technology (SPT) focuses on speech recognition and multimodal user interface innovations. SPT exists to develop and manage the intellectual property portfolio accumulated by EIG through years of consulting and research.

SPT researches and designs multi-modal interactive voice response (IVR) user interface technology that optimizes performance and user satisfaction. SPT technology is platform- and infrastructure-independent, allowing the broadest reach and the most customized fit with a given client’s application.

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walshmediaWalsh Media, Inc. is a leading audio production services company and a major EIG partner. Walsh Media can provide system consultation to enhance your IVR (both touch tone and speech recognition,) and call processing applications. Walsh Media has developed a sensible thirteen-step process for managing voice projects. The company’s experts will work with your Project Managers and EIG to coordinate all of the necessary processes to complete your voice projects-within allotted time frames.

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digitage communicationDigitage communication GmbH – Expertise in automated telecommunications

Every telephone should be professionally serviced around the clock, even when a call cannot be answered personally. Digitage communication provides professional announcements for effective and successful communication during automated processes. The highest quality of voice overs guarantee the maximum comfort for anyone who gets in touch with your IVR, voice portal, answering machine, on hold loop, voice mail or any other application with automated voice services.

With over fifty professional speakers and a wide range of languages such as German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and many more, we can fulfill all of our customers wishes in our in-house recording studio.

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ivslogoIntegrated Voice Solutions, a Boston based company, was founded in 2004 with the goal of coupling a world class professional services team, specializing in Edify and speech technology, with a belief that with the right support customers could maintain call center technology on their own terms. By combining more than 100 years of industry-leading consulting services experience, innovative technologies, and people committed to customer satisfaction, Integrated Voice Solutions consistently delivers maintainable solutions that customers love to use. Integrated Voice Solutions continues to earn the trust of new and existing clients with each successful solution completed. Visit our website,, to learn more about why companies choose IVS.

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