Good IVR. It’s what we do.

About once a year, my father-in-law asks what I do for a living.  When I explain that I design IVRs, he shakes his head and wonders aloud, “How hard can that be?”  then shakes his head again and observes, “They’re all terrible anyway.”

IVRs don’t have to be terrible.  They can be very, very good, but it takes a surprising amount of hard work and experience to make sure that happens.

EIG has been designing and building good IVRs and moving the industry forward for well over 20 years.

How can we help you?

Maybe you need ..

.. to rapidly prototype and test a new design?  We pioneered Wizard of Oz Video Usability studies and Live Traffic Wizard of Oz Usability, and developed a high fidelity IVR simulator to make it all possible.

.. a desk reference as you design a speech recognition IVR?  We wrote the book.

.. to calm down the Jetsonians chasing the latest technology?  Well, we wrote that book, too.

.. best practice training?  Got it.

.. a complex, hybrid touch tone/speech, multi-language design with prompt recording scripts, use cases, acceptance test cases, and ongoing change management.  Ask us about EIGFlow.

Need a good IVR?

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