EIG is uniquely positioned to deliver high-quality consulting services for your contact center. Our consultants are widely recognized as thought leaders with expertise that includes linguistics, speech science, user interface design, software development, and usability testing. We maintain our reputation for best practice IVR design through a continual process of testing, collaborating, and engaging with world-class contact centers.

Voice User Interface Design

StartHereVoice User Interface (VUI) design directly affects the success of your contact center.  A well-designed application can increase self service levels (containment), reduce misrouted calls, and leverage identification/authentication for personalized service and reduced agent handle time. Design quality is equally important in speech, touch-tone (DTMF), and hybrid speech and touch-tone applications.

EIG designs result from a comprehensive process of requirement discovery, analysis, review, and usability testing.  Based on over twenty years of experience, our designs not only reflect best VUI practices, but also address the different needs of reviewers, business stakeholders, programmers, recording studios, and testers.

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MyValet™ Visual IVR Solutions

It takes more than a “call me” button to integrate your mobile application, IVR, and call center into an experience that flows smoothly and just works – for your customers and for your business. When customers need service, they appreciate the flexibility of choosing to use the telephone (either keypad or voice), touch on the Mobile App (including swipe and pinch), or multiple concurrent user interfaces to navigate and accomplish what they need.

EIG consultants and development partners have the experience to work with your call center and your mobile teams to plan, design, test, and develop MyValet™ Visual IVR solutions licensed from Shadow Prompt Technology.

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Video Usability Testing

Video Usability, or “Wizard of Oz,” testing calibrates important design features with real callers – but without the expense, delay, and risk of testing in a live application.  We test with an IVR simulator that allows callers to interact with a design “in the lab” where it’s easy to see what works (and what doesn’t) and to quickly try out alternative scripts and navigation.  We address each project with a process that we’ve honed across hundreds of usability tests:

  • Develop and review a detailed test plan
  • Manage the logistics of recruiting and testing with our mobile usability lab at your site or elsewhere in the world
  • Conduct testing using our unique, high-fidelity IVR simulator
  • Deliver a concise, multi-media report of findings and recommendations
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Live Traffic Wizard of Oz Usability Testing

Trial a new design with hundreds (or thousands) of live calls without any need for complex development or integration. Live Traffic Wizard tests can go live within days of the original concept. We provide rapid statistical feedback on the performance of your new touch-tone, speech, or hybrid design.  We can test alternative design elements and even collect post-call customer satisfaction data.

LiveWizardConfigSpecially developed test equipment is brought to your call center and simply plugged into your phone headset jacks. EIG researchers collaborate with you to create a perfect simulation of the trial dialog which can include identification, validation, and personalized delivery of account data to your callers. Callers can self-serve or transfer to dedicated call center agents who can provide agent-assisted service *and* to collect additional data for later analysis

We’ll develop and review a detailed test plan; manage the logistics of testing in your call center; build the simulation; conduct testing using our unique, high-fidelity wizard IVR simulator; and deliver a concise, multi-media report of findings and recommendations.

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IVR Design Training Workshops

EIG conducts widely-acclaimed IVR training workshops across the US and Europe throughout the year.

In the workshops, you will gain the knowledge and skills you need to plan, design and implement effective touch-tone and speech recognition self-service IVR. The workshops provides practical guidance on designing the best customer-focused IVR for your business. Learn scientifically-proven techniques that increase throughput and IVR containment while reducing errors.

See the full EIG training workshop and conference calendar.  Or if it’s more practical, contact EIG about conducting a workshop specifically for your organization.

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IVR Strategic Planning

EIGProjectLifeCycleEIG works with you to develop a Strategic Plan, following a planning process that guides the analysis  of your existing IVR and agent services. The result is a detailed, step-by-step plan to improve service for your customers.

This disciplined process evaluates the business case, prioritizes functionality, explores of success, and quickly creates an high-level model the target system behavior. It reduces project risk and maximizes the return on investment.

The deliverable is a strategic planning document that draws on data analysis, stakeholder interviews, and a one- or two-day on-site working sessions.

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Speech Migration Plan

The Speech Migration Plan guides the extension of your IVR from DTMF to include speech recognition.

Using a  rigorous 3-step process, we analyze the existing DTMF IVR to identify key functions and to investigate  speech dialog alternatives. The plan also includes a two- or three-day on-site meeting. Here, we work with key stakeholders to explore the many factors that make up the the business case for speech n order to reach  consensus on a low-risk, high-payback strategy for the IVR.

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IVR Audit

Evaluate your existing IVR against proven best practices and successful real-world implementations.  We provide a report with quantified measurements and recommendations so you can make effective design decisions. Apply the recommendations for quick-hit  telephone user interface improvements.  There are two versions of the audit:

  1. Design document and Call-In Audit;
  2. Call-In Audit with audio Clips.
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