It’s Better To Be A Good Machine

IBTBAGM-coverIn this humorous collection of essays, exercises and puzzles, author Bruce Balentine offers a satirical, insider’s perspective of the IVR and speech recognition industry. It’s Better to Be a Good Machine than a Bad Person provides a backstage tour of the science of ergonomics and the philosophy of user interface design, making a strong case for predictability and usability over delight as a primary design goal.

In his fun, easy-to-read style, Balentine points out that Jetsonian thinking — which has predominantly influenced phone-based self-service interface design for the past decade and a half — is on the way out. He stresses that the attempt to create humanlike applications has been the root cause of the abysmal performance in spoken interfaces that we all experience regularly.

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How To Build A Speech Recognition Application

orangebookA Style Guide for Telephony Dialogues, published by EIG in conjunction with authors Bruce Balentine and David Morgan. This is the most thorough, practical step-by-step book ever written about speech recognition by design and development experts. Understanding speech recognition has never been easier!

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